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Days Out in the Peak District

The Peak District is a beautiful part of England, and not too far from where my parents live, so the last time I was visiting over May half-term, I was lucky enough to head there on a couple of days. I will definitely be going back again the next time I have the time to do so – it is lovely! Sadly I have been very busy recently to write about my days out – so here we go!

Stanage Edge Walk

On a residential school trip in Year 6 to Hathersage in the Peak District, the class went to Stanage Edge to climb it and walk along the top, as it is a popular place for rock climbing and walks. Since then, I have wanted to go back. I headed over to Hathersage, younger brother in tow, and then onto a car park close to Stanage Edge and walked along the top and back.

The gritstone edge offers amazing views of the Dark Peak moorlands and Hope Valley, stretching approximately four miles. Areas of Stanage were quarried for millstones, and several can still be seen on the hillside below the edge. The day started off warm but clouded, so we weren’t enjoying such good views as we would, had it been clear blue skies all day. Nevertheless, the sky cleared and the sun came out (just enough for me to get sunburnt). We managed to walk pretty much the whole length over the top, and on the return journey walked along the base of the ridge – I even managed to have a Keira Knightley moment (for anyone who has watched the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice).

standing on Stanage Edge

Matlock Bath and Heights of Abraham

My second day trip to the Peak District and Derbyshire over May half-term was with my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece, to Matlock Bath and the Heights of Abraham. Matlock Bath is like a seaside resort in the middle of England – ice cream parlours, souvenir shops galore, and on Sundays, hundreds of motorcyclists descend on the town.

The Heights of Abraham is a hilltop park, which can be accessed by a cable car, from which you have views of the town below. The slight swinging sensation of the cable cars was not great, but the views definitely were. I have lived relatively close to the attraction for most of my life and never been!

There are caves and old mines at the Heights of Abraham, and we went on a guided tour of the Great Masson Cavern, which used to be mined for lead. There are quite a few caverns in Derbyshire; I have previously visited Blue John Cavern at Castleton, and Great Masson is a little different in that it does not have stalactites or stalagmites.

If you have the chance, I highly recommend visiting Derbyshire and the Peak District, especially if you like walking and the outdoors. There are loads of manageable walking routes – I saw children and dogs on Stanage Edge, and there are plenty of attractions dotted around the countryside you would have never thought to look for.

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