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Child walking in a National Trust wood

National Trust and English Heritage Sites Are Great For Kids

With the summer holidays upon us, there is going to be a scramble for ideas on what to do with kids every day. Though I don’t have kids myself, I have three nephews and a niece that I spend weekends and Bank Holidays with, when I can, and even those few days of the summer can be hard to occupy with fun and different activities.

But one of my favourite things to do is have a day out at a National Trust or English Heritage site, which is even better when you have a membership to either organisation. No matter where you live in the country, be it the South West, Midlands or North East, there are always a few National Trust, and English Heritage places just a hours drive or so away. As a child myself, I would often be taken (sometimes grudgingly, I must admit!) on days out to National Trust and English Heritage sites during the school holidays. From country parks to stately homes, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Still unconvinced? The two organisations cater to kids with activities in the school holidays, running programmes in the week where they can watch re-enactments, dress up in period clothing and learn about the personal history of places. In the era of smartphones and kids glued to the TV, heading out to a National Trust-owned house is a way to get children involved in something different. It may surprise you what does spark their interest – recently my nephew was counting the Roman numerals on the shelves in an old library, and was impressed at how many there were, and that he could begin to recognise which letters meant which numbers.

The various places owned and run by National Trust and English Heritage has improved too. It is not just walking around a house, stuffed with antiques and paintings of the aristocrats who once lived there. Many places have developed outdoor play areas, walking trails in the beautiful grounds and opened cafés so you can tuck into a good lunch to keep you fuelled for a day running after the kids.

Do you have good memories of National Trust and English Heritage days out – would you take your own kids there? Let me know in the comments or across my social media channels!

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