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Solo Female Travel Tips

Solo travel is always an adventure, no matter where you are or how you do it, as it brings a new appreciation for the world around you. However, travelling alone does have its dangers, and it is always good to be aware of them. Many women travel solo, myself included, end up fine and enjoy it immensely. These are some of the tips I have picked up from my own experiences and other female solo travel bloggers!

It Gets Easier

The first time setting off on your own can be terrifying, but with time it gets easier. The best thing to get over the anxiety of travelling solo is to keep doing it and forget that dining alone may look strange. My go-to mantra when travelling by myself is to think ‘these people don’t know me’ and it is their issue if they judge me for being on my own. Of course, pretty much everyone I have met on solo travels is friendly, and it’s in my head that they may think me weird for being alone. Travelling alone more and more will help the negative feels disappear.

Plan Ahead

Though I love a spontaneous trip somewhere, planning ahead is beneficial for solo travellers. While a detailed itinerary is not needed, it is good to know where you are sleeping on the first night at least.

Mix with Others

This is often the part I find the hardest. Being socially awkward and finding it hard to warm up to people quickly, mixing with other travellers, who tend to be some of the friendliest people you will meet, is a great way to feel more settled and relaxed. Connecting with the locals is also great, and asking questions is the best way to form a link to someone.

Stay Aware and Safe

When travelling alone, be aware of what’s around you, keeping an eye on other people and your own belongings. Don’t wear headphones, as this makes you less aware of your surroundings and a target, so don’t carry lots of money. Plus, if you need to check a map, don’t make it too obvious.

Say Yes

Saying yes when you may usually say no leads to adventures you might never have thought of and creates crazy situations that lead to great stories. Of course, saying yes needs to be within reason, as you never want to be too far from your comfort zone or put yourself in danger. So also keep in mind that there are times when it is ok to say no.

Meet Up with People

Meeting up with total strangers is something I haven’t done when travelling alone, but something I will try in the future. Reading other bloggers posts about solo travel I have discovered that using social media or sites like CouchSurfing is the best way to meet up with other travellers. Those sites often advertise meetups that anyone is open to attend.

Go On Organised Tours

Along with meetups, organised group tours are a great way to have some company and meet fellow travellers. The organised tours also provide more information about the place you are visiting that you may not find out yourself.

Use Apps

When travelling alone, there are plenty of apps to use that will help you get the most of your trips, such as GPS, translators, currency converter and travel guides. With so many apps available, travelling can be very efficient.

Do you have any solo travel tips? Let me know in the comments or via social media!

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  1. I have never travelled alone but have often thought about it and this post has made me really want to 🙂 I am always too scared of what others will think and what if something bad happens but like you said sometimes you should just say yes 🙂

  2. These are great recommendations! Most of my solo travel was done about five years ago when I lived in Dublin for my graduate work, and apps still weren’t HUGE (other than Google Maps haha). I’d love to see what is out there now, I feel like there are SO many more options app-wise now!

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