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Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge

Weekend Break in Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the places I wanted to visit again in 2018, and I am lucky to have friends who live there. Over the weekend I enjoyed a pretty much last minute weekend break visiting one of my oldest friends and wandering around the city. Of course, being February, the weather was cold and rainy, but that didn’t make any difference, as Cambridge is a pretty place no matter the weather!

It’s often a case of who you know when looking around places like Cambridge, and that was the case for me this weekend as I could look around some of the colleges that are part of the University of Cambridge for free!. I had a peek inside the chapels and around the courtyards of Kings, St John’s and Trinity Colleges.

King’s College Chapel is impressive. Quick history lesson: It is an excellent example of Gothic architecture, construction started in 1446 by Henry VI, and it took more than a century to build. The medieval stained glass windows are amazing, and the ceiling is particularly impressive.

Kings College Chapel ceiling in Cambridge

The Bridge of Sighs is a covered bridge at St John’s College. It was built in 1831 and crosses the River Cam, and was named after the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. The bridge offers a great photo opportunity from Kitchen Bridge and has also been seen on the big screen in The Theory of Everything.

The colleges have a lot of courts (I was a little confused at getting around at first), and the Great Court is the main one of Trinity College, dating to the 17th century. I didn’t find it as impressive as St John’s or Kings, but you could tell that in summer it would be lovely.

Trinity College Great Court

With the weather not being great, it was a case of getting in the warm and dry for a drink after wandering around the colleges and along the river. Being a student city, there are plenty of good places to eat and drink, Cambridge Wine Merchant and The Eagle being two of the places I went. It was great being somewhere just to chat and chill with a rum and coke.

Punting is a popular activity in Cambridge, and I was surprised people were even doing it in the cold! Hopefully, I will go back in the summer and my friends, and I can go for a punt along the river and try ‘punting bingo’ as my friend called it (listening to other punters always repeat the same facts about the places they go past).

Have you been to Cambridge? What were your favourite places to visit?

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  1. I’ve been to Cambridge in the summer. We didn’t go on a boat, but we walked along the river and some of my friends went for a swim! I didn’t go in the water though – I wasn’t convinced it was clean enough!

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