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Alum Bay in Isle of Wight

What Inspires Me to Travel?

For my first blog post I thought I would share the things in my life which inspire me to get out the door and go travelling. I love exploring new things, taking snapshots of my adventures and sharing my experiences and advice with other people of a similar mind.


When I was younger, my family and I used to take annual holidays around the UK, packing up our big blue van and heading off to discover a new place. As with any family holiday, there was tension and a few arguments, but all in all, the holidays were great fun. We’d pack our bikes too, so we could explore the area with freedom and not be forced to sit in a stuffy car for hours. Some of the many places we visited included Pembrokeshire in Wales, the Lake District, Penzance in Cornwall, the Isle of Wight, St Andrews in Scotland, Hunstanton in Norfolk, Morthoe in Devon and all the places in between.

Richard Ayoade’s Travel Man

Comedian Richard Ayoade, of IT Crowd fame, hosts a travel series on Channel 4, where he visits places around the world for 48 hours, joined by a different comedian each week. I primarily started watching it as I like Ayoade, but ended up watching it to learn more about these fantastic places I want to one day visit, and how to do an economical weekend away. If you have never seen it, I highly recommend it. Some of the places he visits include Paris, Helsinki and Miami, joined by the likes of Paul Rudd, Greg Davies and Jo Brand.

BBC’s Planet Earth

Sir David Attenborough is a national treasure in the UK, and his nature documentaries with the BBC, such as Planet Earth, Blue Planet and The Hunt make for amazing TV. I love nature and wildlife and hope to one day see animals like tigers and penguins in person. The incredible photography of these shows beautifully paints the world with life, and I think anyone who sees these shows on TV wants to experience the world like that and go out to see more, even if it is just what is on your doorstep.

Fellow bloggers

In addition to travel guides from places like Lonely Planet and The Telegraph, there are also several fellow bloggers who have both inspired me to start this blog and to travel more. From more established travel bloggers like A Lady in London, Mapping Megan and Vicky Flip Flop, young women who, like myself, love to travel and share advice to encourage others to go out and see the world too. Then there are the bloggers just starting out on with their travel blogs like Culture and Couture and Continental Connoisseur who have helped me with where to start with my blog.

Working with travel clients

In my day job, I work with several travel clients, around England and Wales, and also a few in Europe who offer holidays in France, Italy and Ireland. Working with these clients on a day to day basis has provided me with more knowledge about what people look for on their holidays, and it is exciting to learn about the places in much more detail, finding out about places the typical tourist has no idea about!


What inspires you to travel, other than wanderlust and itchy feet? Let me know via my social media channels!

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